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About Us

We specialize in fixing broken gps units. Our company is based in Halesworth. We have been repairing electronic devices for more than 20 years. Common sat nav problems include damaged touchscreen and no power, but we repair all kinds of problems including software corruption, liquid damage, no GPS signal, damaged housing etc. We are able to repair most kind of devices like pc, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, mobile phones at low costs.

Repair Your Device By Post

Send us your broken device and we will repair it for you. We have an extensive collection of in house hardware and expertise. We have many years experience and our on site engineers can repair just about any device.

What type of repairs does SatNav Specialist Ltd. do?

We do all of the types of TomTom sat nav with hardware and software issues, including the dreaded SD card red cross, SD card not loading and missing maps problems. The most common problems are broken and smashed screens or broken digitizer know too as touch screen panel, TomTom will not switch on (but the green light is on when connected to the external power supply) and damaged SD cards etc.

When we receive a unit and SD card, we will examine and carry out the repair. If the repair is different from your diagnosis when filling in the order, we will let you know what needs to be done. You can then make a decision what to do next. If you decide that we shouldn't go ahead with repairs, the unit and the card will be returned to you with your payment. In many cases we would be able to restore your original TomTom SD card and many of occasions we are able to read your memory card that was accidentally formatted . This often happens when you try installing a speed camera database, additional voices or color schemes.


NEW TomTom Software Upgrade Services

We also now offer upgrade services too, as you really should update your TomTom as often as you can. We offer Map Updates, Add or update Speed Cameras, Add or Update Points of Interest. These services are designed to keep you bang up to date with today's roads.

How much does it cost?

The cost to repair your TomTom by post is the total amount on your order form which includes the cost of returning your TomTom to you via Recorded Delivery back to your door!!! After your item is dispatched we will send you email with your tracking number for you to be able track your TomTom on its way to you.

How do I pay?

You can pay online or you can send postal order, cheques (you have to wait for cheque to clear) and by cash would be possible too.

How long does it take?

Our turn around time for repairing is QUICK!!! We repair your device within 5 days after it arrives to us and in some cases we will repair it the same or second day it arrives and post it back to you the same day too. 

If the TomTom can be repaired but needs more parts to do the job, our engineers will email you first to explain this before any work is carried out.

How can I trust SatNav Specialist Ltd. with my device?

Of course you do! We try to do the best ourselves, we improve our service jobs day to day. We have been doing repairs since 1990. We also supply the latest repair equipment worldwide you can rest easily knowing that we know what we are doing. We are trustworthy and established company which want to provide good services. Please view our Customer Testimonials.

What if my device cannot be repaired?

We have very good in-house engineers who have a very high success rate of repairing device's. Although sometimes there may be more damage than expected, or the device may be damaged beyond repair. If this is the case and we cannot repair the device, there will be no charge for the time spent on the TomTom however there will be a £5.99 fee to return the device. Alternatively you can leave it with us and we will dispose the device for you.

How do I use this service?

Select required repair and do buy it, you will receive an order form via email, please print this out. If you pay online print out your payment receipt email too. If you wish to pay via cash, postal order or check, enclose some like a covering letter with your order form, the best way you write what kind of repair you need.

If possible, please charge and then turn your device off.

Wrap your device in bubble wrap. Place wrapped device in a Jiffy bag, along with your order form and payment receipt. 

Send your device to us at the address below via Royal Mail First Class but better Special Delivery that would be to ensure your device is delivered to us safely.

We also will send an email to you with your tracking number

SatNav Specialist Ltd.

Unit 15 / 2nd floor

Malt Store Annexe

The Cut, New Cut

Halesworth, IP19 8BY

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